The Wedding Salon Bridal Show

I’m back home from Seattle and ready to blog!

On March 21st I attended a wonderful bridal show at the lovely London Hotel in West Hollywood.  I had so much fun with my girl Teresa!  And the gift bag I received at the end of the show was amazing!  Inside was magazines, makeup, candies, lotions, nail polish, magnets, brochures, postcards, hair accessories, and that’s only naming a few things!  And now that I’m engaged, I really have an excuse to go to these things 🙂

Here’s a few pics from the event:

LOOOVVVEEE the purple florals, my favorite!

Such a cute idea displaying the florals in this white armoire!

I love flowers!

How beautiful is this table linen?

Keep checking back … lots of cute posts coming soon!




2 thoughts on “The Wedding Salon Bridal Show

  1. Kris, it’s all so exquisite! The flowers are jaw-dropping! I especially love the display where they looked like they were creeping out of the table onto a tree trunk!!!

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