I’ve been craving popsicles for the past couple of days and my brain is already in 4th of July weekend mode!  How good do these look?  Cool and refreshing!  Hope everyone has a great 4th and enjoy a popsicle!

  Desserts for Breakfast | Dandy Sugar

Rose Married … apple flavored … I’m so there!

Endless Simmer



Las Palmas Mansion Love Part 2!

I’m back with more from Las Palmas Mansion.  This time with pictures that my mom snapped.  Oh how I love this place, it’s even more stunning in person!  Thanks for the pics mom, they came out great as always!

Inside of the house is just as gorgeous as the outside!

Loved the chair covers for the wedding they were setting up for …

Gazebo on the property, great spot for pictures!

Reception area on covered basketball court which can be set up how you like.

My vote for best venue tour so far!  My mom best summed up Las Palmas in 3 words: Impressive, Elegant, & Intimate ♥

San Diego Wedding Party Bridal Show – 6.26.11

What a perfect weekend for a bridal show in beautiful La Jolla!  Yesterday I rounded up some of my best gals to attend the San Diego Wedding Party Bridal Show at the sleek Hyatt Regency La Jolla.  Loved the hotel and of course the company!  So many pretty things to see and win!  For starters, I received a voucher for a free, yes free pearl necklace form the Diamond Boutique in Del Mar.  I can’t wait to redeem that one.  Then upon further inspection of my bag of goodies I realized I also had a coupon for a free spa service of my choice, definitely choosing the massage, maybe even a couples massage.  My favorite part of the show?  I think I’ll go with the Cupcake Wars tasting contest.  California Cupcake Company was my favorite hands down!  It was a bit of cupcake overload, but it was worth it!  After the cupcake tastings we watched a fun wedding dress runway show with beautiful designs from Elyse Reuben.  As always, I had a wonderful time with the girls: snapping pictures of all the amazing florals and displays, goofing off in the photo booths, and collecting as many free magazines as I could carry 🙂

I’m going to have to come back to visit this place!

They had some really pretty table displays set up outside.

How cute is the crown?  LOVED the linens from APR Linens.

Gotta love the candy bar by San Diego Candy Buffets

Cupcake heaven!

My favorite table!

Fashion Show (thanks for making us stay KT 🙂 )

I ♥ bridal shows … even more so when I’m the bride-to-be!  Thanks to The Wedding Party Bridal Show for hosting such a fabulous event, can’t wait for the next one.

Las Palmas Mansion

Hello readers!  The weekend is here and I’m so excited for tomorrow.  I’ll be touring the grounds of Las Palmas with my mom and wedding planner Liz!  I’ve seen pictures of this place and it looks absolutely stunning!  Not sure if they’ll let us take pictures while touring, but here’s a wedding that took place there last year … isn’t it amazing?

All photographs by Matthew Morgan Photography

Ok first of all how spectacular is the photography?  Secondly, isn’t the place beautiful?  Can’t wait to see it in person.  It’s such a different kind of place to have a wedding, unique, special, and in Orange County!

Funny story: The bride in this wedding is actually the daughter of my old science teacher, and her mom was my brother’s kindergarten teacher!  I was also friends with Suzanna, the brides, older sister in elementary school.  Small world isn’t it?

I’ll try to post tomorrow on my feedback of the place, I’m sure I’m going to love it!  See all the images from Seth and Suzanna’s wedding over at Matthew Morgan Photography’s blog.

Bouquet Tokens by Lisa Leonard Designs

Now this is something that I would love for my bouquet.  Lisa Leonard Design designs the cutest hand stamped pieces out of metal: cake toppers, necklaces, ring bowls, and my personal favorite – bouquet tags.  A special message can be put on the front of the piece as well as the back.  Not only is it a darling detail for the wedding day, but it can be used later on as a Christmas ornament, hung in any room, or even put on a necklace.

These are SO cute for the bridesmaids!  Don’t they make the best gifts?!

 Photos by Cameron Ingalls Inc.

Special thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for featuring this lovely shoot!

Lisa has so many other unique and handmade items over on her website, so make sure you check them out!  I’m also loving her pennant banners!  Uh oh, I think I could do some major damage.  But I definitely must have that bouquet charm 🙂

The Beauty of Lighting

The proper lighting at a wedding reception can turn an event from simple to stunning. Lighting sets a mood in the space, and makes everything look better!  I LOVE the red lights in these shots and hope to have something similar to this on my special day.

Azzura Photography

Sarah K Chen Photography, Visionary Sound Productions, Harvard Photography, Victor Sizemore Photography  

Isn’t it pretty?  Lighting for me is definitely a must!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Who Wants Cake Pops?!

Boy do I have something cute to share with all of you!  I’m so excited (yes, it’s the little things ;)) … Babycakes Cake Pop Maker!  How cute is this?  These would be so fun for a bridal shower, kids party, wedding favor – the possibilities are endless.  I can’t wait to make them, so check back and see how they turned out!  Special thanks to my friend Cinthya for sharing 🙂

Photos from Babycakes

Get yours today from Babycakes online store and right now save 15% off when you enter code FF1000.  They have so many other cute products I’m sure I’ll end up buying sooner or later … ahemmm … Whoopie Pie Maker.  Let the baking begin ♥

Maison des Oliviers, San Juan Capistrano

Happy Friday everyone!  Well can I just say that I had a great beginning to my weekend!  Started off by meeting with my wedding planner Liz and then toured the grounds at Maison des Oliviers in San Juan Capistrano.  It was beautiful, and funny enough about a block away from where I went to high school!  This private estate is the perfect setting for a one-of-a-kind wedding complete with olive trees, gardens of roses, fountains, and spectacular views of San Juan.  It has the Tuscan countryside style feel without ever leaving the OC!

You can get married here in the garden, or on the side grass area.

Images courtesy of OC Concierge

 The pool and lounge area is where the reception takes place, and you can really make it your own.

Paul Von Rieter Photography

Here’s a real wedding from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Christine Farah – gorg!

Special thanks to Liz at Eventfully Beautiful for setting up the tour!  I had a great time and can’t wait for more.  Orange County really does have so many options to chose from, and deciding is half the fun!  Stay tuned for more great venue reviews!

Gorgeous West Hollywood Affair

I could look at this wedding all day long.  The London West Hollywood is such a modern, clean, classic place for a wedding, with an amazing rooftop tent space and views of Hollywood and Los Angeles.  And I would know because I attended a bridal show here at The London and fell in love with the place – it’s stunning!  Honestly, it’s so chic!  The photography in this wedding is A-mazing!  Samuel Lippke is a genius, love his work!

Photography: Samuel Lippke Studios

Wedding Planning: The Special Day

Florals: JL Designs

More Images over at Style Me Pretty