Bouquet Tokens by Lisa Leonard Designs

Now this is something that I would love for my bouquet.  Lisa Leonard Design designs the cutest hand stamped pieces out of metal: cake toppers, necklaces, ring bowls, and my personal favorite – bouquet tags.  A special message can be put on the front of the piece as well as the back.  Not only is it a darling detail for the wedding day, but it can be used later on as a Christmas ornament, hung in any room, or even put on a necklace.

These are SO cute for the bridesmaids!  Don’t they make the best gifts?!

 Photos by Cameron Ingalls Inc.

Special thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for featuring this lovely shoot!

Lisa has so many other unique and handmade items over on her website, so make sure you check them out!  I’m also loving her pennant banners!  Uh oh, I think I could do some major damage.  But I definitely must have that bouquet charm 🙂


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