Wedding Tents

One wedding detail that I’m just loving lately is wedding tents!  Set them up in a garden, park, outdoor venue and you’ll have a beautiful reception area that will protect guests from any kind of weather conditions that may arise.  Wedding tents with chandeliers?  Even better!

Kelsey Thompson Photography | Nashan Photographers

KT Merry Photography

Troy Grovers Photographers

Studio Castillero

Style Me Pretty | Docuvitae

Simone & Martin Photography

How absolutely stunning is that last shot?  I love it!

Here’s a guide from Red Velvet Occasions to figure out the size of tent you will need for the number of guests you have, very helpful!

Number of Guests |  Size of Tent (in square feet)
  50 | 650-750
100 | 1,300-1,500
150 | 1,950 – 2,250
200 | 2,600 – 3,000
250 | 3,250 – 3,750
300 | 3,900 – 4,500

Even though they can be a bit pricey, I looovvveee this look!

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