Photographers, check!

I’m very happy to say that one more thing can be crossed off on our wedding checklist … our photographers!  We met with Paul and Leanne of Sargeant Photography in Long Beach on Monday night, and I pretty much knew we’d be choosing them then 🙂  I’ve followed their website, blogs, and facebook for awhile now and obviously love their work.  They shot our friends Liz & Drew and JP & Megan’s weddings and each was thrilled with all their photographs, wedding albums, and overall interaction with the Sargeant’s.  Ryan and I are super excited and can’t wait for our engagement session in January (I need to start thinking of ideas!).

Here’s just a small taste of their talent:

Cute bridesmaid shot!

Ummm gorgeous!  @ Pelican Hill, Newport Beach

Beautiful shots @ Rancho Las Lomas

Chandelier love ♥

We all know I’m a sucker for pups in weddings 🙂

Obsessed with these detail photos!

How cute are these engagement session shots?  Love them!

Photography: Sargeant Photography

Check out their blog too, there’s so much more photography to see!

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