Kraft Paper Gift Wrap

Christmas is only 3 days away and I’m a bit behind on my Christmas wrapping.  I’ve seen kraft paper before, but never really noticed how pretty and fun it can look.  It’s definitely a different touch to wrapping then the normal patterned Christmas paper we see every year.  Wrapping with kraft paper, ribbons, and other additions like fabric and lace, give gifts a more handmade feel.  Here’s a few of my favorite examples of kraft paper presents.  Not sure I’ll be able to recreate these this year (no time!), but there’s always next!  Tweak the embellishments a tad and these would be perfect for bridal shower gifts and even wedding party favors.  Love them!  

Haute Apple Pie

Martha Stewart

Pretty Petals

Kylie Parry Studios

Beauty Spot

Designs that Inspire to Create Your Perfect Home

Happy wrapping!




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