Pinterest much?

I have a confession … I have an obsession with Pinterest!  Surprised … or not sure what Pinterest is?  Pinterest allows you to take your inspirations, photos, and ideas from all over the internet and keep them in organized folders or “pinboards.”  From wedding inspiration, recipes, crafts, merchandise, and home decor, Pinterest literally has it all!  I’ve found so many fabulous wedding ideas from this site it’s not even funny 🙂 

And if you look closely you’ll see a Follow Me On Pinterest button on the left hand side of the page, right above the archives section.  It looks like this:

Feel free to check out my boards and please follow me!  I’d love to see all your pins too so leave the link to your boards!  Happy pinning!!!




2 thoughts on “Pinterest much?

  1. Hi Kris! I just saw your tweet about the link to getting a copy of Ceremony Magazine. We would love to be able to get one in your hands. 140 characters doesn’t explain things very well! I change out the post every day to show a different cover from the four magazines. Please check back tomorrow. I have the new post scheduled for 10 AM. I am going to start following your boards on Pinterest, too! Thank you so much for the tweet, and Happy Wedding Planning!

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