Wedding Cake Time!

Hello!  I don’t know about you, but I sure am dragging today.  I enjoyed a 5 day weekend and this Monday is killing me!  Ryan and I got a few things done this weekend starting with our cake tasting.  It was so fun and relatively quick; it’s a good feeling to cross another item off the wedding to-do list.  Lemon + raspberry mousse, red velvet + white chocolate chip, and chocolate + chocolate mousse make up our 3 tier wedding cake!

The cake will be similar to these, but will be square.  I love the black ribbon boarder and we also want to incorpate some florals on the cake as well.via Wedding Bee Pro | Perfect Wedding Day

Our wedding cake was actually included as part of our venue package through Creative Cakes, located in Orange, CA.  The samples were delicious, I’d like seconds!


Have a great rest of your day!




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