Conversation Hearts Valentine Decor

Did you remember that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow?  I did!  Last weekend I did some decorating, and played around with Brach’s conversation hearts, you know those little pastel candies that you received in elementary school from your friends?  I used my LOVE cake topper I bought from Lisa Leonard Designs and viola- a cute Valentine decor piece for your coffee table or counter.


Super simple!


Still have some hearts leftover?  Here are a few more fun and easy crafts you can make using conversation heart candies:

f3298959a0beb677412b78aa4d7d7c63via Amanda Jane Brown

268667933990086799_8wyuFGHG_cvia The Glitter Guide

ricekrispieheartsGreat recipe for rice krispie treats (my favorite!) via Food Family Finds

I never realized how many different uses these little hearts could have!  Hope everyone has a great time decorating and getting ready for Valentine’s Day, you only have one day left so hurry! 



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