My Wedding Jewelry

Hello friends!  Let the wedding detail posts begin… I have all my wedding photos back and can’t wait to share.

I knew very early on in my planning what I was looking for in terms of wedding jewelry, Nadri chandelier earrings from Nordstrom.  I had seen them previously on a bride in a magazine and knew I had to have them!  These are perfect for a date night or any kind of special occasion, don’t you think?  nadri-tiered-chandelier-earrings-silver

I’m not sure if they’re available in stores anymore, but I’m sure you could find them online somewhere or even get a good deal from a bride selling them.  I think I’ll hold on to mine, they’re just too pretty! 

kailey_wedding009Sargeant Photography

kailey_wedding134Sargeant Photography

The last photo you can see a little bit more of the overall look with the earrings.  I love how they went perfectly with my sash.  I chose to go fairly simple with my jewelry, only wearing earrings, a Nadri bracelet, and of course my wedding rings. 

See you all back here soon and have a fabulous day!




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