My Wedding Jewelry

Hello friends!  Let the wedding detail posts begin… I have all my wedding photos back and can’t wait to share.

I knew very early on in my planning what I was looking for in terms of wedding jewelry, Nadri chandelier earrings from Nordstrom.  I had seen them previously on a bride in a magazine and knew I had to have them!  These are perfect for a date night or any kind of special occasion, don’t you think?  nadri-tiered-chandelier-earrings-silver

I’m not sure if they’re available in stores anymore, but I’m sure you could find them online somewhere or even get a good deal from a bride selling them.  I think I’ll hold on to mine, they’re just too pretty! 

kailey_wedding009Sargeant Photography

kailey_wedding134Sargeant Photography

The last photo you can see a little bit more of the overall look with the earrings.  I love how they went perfectly with my sash.  I chose to go fairly simple with my jewelry, only wearing earrings, a Nadri bracelet, and of course my wedding rings. 

See you all back here soon and have a fabulous day!



Oh So Cute Paper Ranunculus

Hello and happy Monday!  I wanted to share a cute find I came across on Etsy the other day.  The shop Sunny & Stumpy make beautiful and realistic looking ranunculus bouquets, cake flowers, and paper goods such as programs and cards.  Nothing beats the real thing, but these little paper flowers sure are cute! 

The magnets are cute too!All images from Sunny & Stumpy Shop

Check out their shop here!

Have a great day everyone, hope to see you back soon!



Keys to Your Heart

Hello and happy Thursday!  I came across some charming little vintage keys in a fun shop while on my trip to Colorado last week which inspired my post today 🙂

“Key to Happiness”, “Key to my Heart”, and “Key to Love” are phrases I’m sure you all have heard.  Keys certainly have a strong connection to love and hearts which make them a perfect theme for any vintage inspired wedding.  Skeleton keys bring a classic feel to any wedding and make for darling details all your guests will appreciate.  They also make the cutest escort cards!

Kate Headley

Apryl Ann Photography

I would L.O.V.E some of these keys in my place!  Perfect decor for any vintage affair!


    Shewanders Photography

Brandon Kidd Photography 

Don’t you love them all?  I sure do!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!  Thanks for reading!



Bouquet Tokens by Lisa Leonard Designs

Now this is something that I would love for my bouquet.  Lisa Leonard Design designs the cutest hand stamped pieces out of metal: cake toppers, necklaces, ring bowls, and my personal favorite – bouquet tags.  A special message can be put on the front of the piece as well as the back.  Not only is it a darling detail for the wedding day, but it can be used later on as a Christmas ornament, hung in any room, or even put on a necklace.

These are SO cute for the bridesmaids!  Don’t they make the best gifts?!

 Photos by Cameron Ingalls Inc.

Special thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for featuring this lovely shoot!

Lisa has so many other unique and handmade items over on her website, so make sure you check them out!  I’m also loving her pennant banners!  Uh oh, I think I could do some major damage.  But I definitely must have that bouquet charm 🙂

La Gartier Custom Garters

La Gartier is a custom wedding garter company based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in handmade garters to fit the brides personality and style.  Sarah Gordon, designer of these one-of-a-kind garters, began her business as a hobby and now services brides all across the US.  Here are some of my favorites from her collection.  They’re just so pretty!  Which one is your favorite?

You can also design your own garter with their hand picked fabrics, vintage jewelry, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, and unique little items such as hand sewn initials.  They also make for a sweet keepsake after the wedding.

 Photos from La Gartier

You can learn more about Sarah and view other garter designs by La Gartier by visiting her blog.  I love them, simple yet beautiful!