Merry Christmas from The Kaileys!

Hello friends!  Who’s at work today?  Well, I am!  But it’s ok, I’m sure I’ll be heading out early.  I just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  I also wanted to share with you our Christmas card this year; it’s special of course because it’s our first Christmas as a married couple!  I poured over 3 or 4 websites and their cards before I decided on a design from Minted.  I really like how they have cards specifically for Newlyweds, and quite a few designs to chose from.  They also have great customer service and are very efficient; I highly recommend them!


Special thanks to our photographers, Paul and Leanne of Sargeant Photography for the great shot! 

Again, I wish all of you a very safe and blessed Christmas!  I’ll see you back here next week!