Wedding Venue, Check!

Guess what?!  Our wedding venue and date are finally set in stone!  The deposit was made on Monday to secure the date of 11.2.12!  And the place is … Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa!  Ryan and I are really excited about picking out our venue.  Turnip Rose was actually the very 1st place we looked at, and we left feeling very impressed with the overall vibe of the place.  We went back to show my mom and wedding planner Liz, and my mom snapped some amazing shots which further reassured me that this is the right location for us!  I’m really looking forward to all the amazing photographs that will come from our special day 🙂

The Entrance!  Love that gate.

I love all the fountains …

The Grand Entrance!  Don’t you love the staircases?

Reception Area Entrance

The Reception Room, “Celebrations” is absolutely insane … this is just a tiny peak at it, it’s my favorite part of the whole place!  Can’t wait to see it all decorated in my colors 🙂

Small glimpse at the “getting ready” room, it’s super cute!

So many areas for fabulous photo opportunities!

Thanks for the great shots mom!  I would hire you if it wasn’t your daughter’s wedding 🙂 

Ryan and I are very happy!  What do you all think of the place?  Fabulous, right?